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(VEN) - On May 19, in Hanoi, Minister of Information and Communications Le Doan Hop officially launched Vietnamese social network site, the trial version of which is running at (focusing on education and entertainment, allows Vietnamese users to interact based on the Internet, telecommunications and broadcasting means). After that, the minister talked with the media about this event.

What is your comment on this social network site? What can make up the difference between and other social network sites?
I think inherits all the experience of the previous social network sites. Under the guidance of the Government and the Ministry of Information and Communications, has been built by a team of Vietnamese experts who have great enthusiasm and the aspiration to build a brand for Vietnamese networks. I believe will surely develop rapidly and become a reliable website for any Vietnamese citizen, especially network citizens.
That means you think was launched at a suitable time?
In my opinion, was launched at a suitable time for four reasons. is the result of four-month hard work by more than 300 staff members of the Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC), including programmers, graphic designers, system technicians and content designers. promises to provide contents in the direction of education - entertainment - useful communication.
The objective of is to become the number-one information network in Vietnam and to attract 40-50 percent of social network visitors by 2015 to be capable to serve 40 million users at the same time. The trial version is comprised of 34 modules focusing on Communication, Entertainment and Education, allowing users to interact simultaneously via the Internet, mobile phones and broadcasting means.
First, comes in line with the tendency of the present era. This is very important. Whatever we do we must go in line with the tendency of the present era. If we lag behind, that means we fail. If we go slowly, we will not be successful.
Second, reflects the technological capability of Vietnam as well as the enthusiasm of the Vietnamese young generation. It was not simple at all to finish this project within 75 days working hard.
Third, realizes the wish of Vietnamese people and the aspiration of the young generation. This social network site is the place where Vietnamese people can be educated, enjoy entertainment and exchange information.
Fourth, will contribute to the realization of the objective to turn Vietnam into a strong nation in terms of information technology (IT). We cannot say that a country is strong in terms of IT if it has no social network of its own.
I understand that is the result of a process of hard work, but greater efforts will be needed to maintain and develop this social network site.
What criteria must meet so that it can win the trust of network citizens?
The public's choice is the strictest means to measure the reliability of a social network. will exist and develop if it meets the expectation of all citizens in the home country and in the world, especially network citizens. Therefore, the best way to make competitive is to develop it as a social network of high utility and humanity that can facilitate strong social interaction and provide users with useful information.
If meets the above criteria, it will be able to gather good citizens - and this is the role of the network.
While most other social network sites are updated with sensational news and latest information about entertainment activities to attract users, focuses on education. What do you think of this                   difference?
Everything has two sides. Let's take fire as an example. Fire is used to serve people's lives, but if it is used improperly, fire can destroy humans. Similarly, knives are used in people's everyday lives but they can kill humans. Therefore, when developing, we must take into account its two sides. We must develop this social network with our whole heart and brainpower in order to make it better and reliable to any citizen. must become a common house of those who use it. It must be a university where one can learn huge amounts of knowledge.
I think developing is not simple. It requires nonstop efforts. I believe that when Vietnamese people concentrate on something, they will do it very well, and I hope that will be developed successfully.  
Will you support your colleagues at the Ministry of Information and Communications if they have registered accounts on and exchange information on the network?
I will not only support but also encourage them to do that.
Do you want to have an account of your own on to serve your work?
Yes, I do, of course./.
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